Area Manager

Area Managers are responsible for overseeing a range of mining projects and include the planning, management, budgeting and execution of field work in relation to these works. In addition, this position will be a liaison point both with senior management and external clients.

Personal requirements of an Area Manager may include:

  • Good communications skills
  • Good maths and science
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Project and team management experience

Area Managers may complete the following tasks:

  • Work with the client, outside consultants, suppliers and other industry experts
  • Responsible for developing mining methods to improve mining effectiveness and safety, improve mining economics and minimize environmental impacts
  • Ensure the procedures and design standards comply with the law and corporate policies and procedures
  • Prepare and compile budget and operational plans
  • Demonstrate visible personal commitment to safety on a daily basis through actions and involvement in safety plan development and implementation; by ensuring compliance to all safety programs, regulations and initiatives
  • Initiate, plan and execute assigned projects within budget, timeframe and quality standards and project objectives

Entry requirements may vary but most employers require Year 10 and some may prefer Year 12. Experience is required with a relevant number of years experience.