Civil Engineering Draftsperson

Civil engineering draftspeople prepare detailed drawings and plans for civil engineering work. They support civil engineering professionals and engineering technologists.

Personal requirements of a civil engineering draftsperson may include:

  • Interest in solving practical and technical problems
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good mathematical and physics skills
  • Ability to interpret information

This occupation may involve tasks and duties such as:

  • Preparing sketches, charts, tabulations, plans and designs for civil engineering works, such as drainage and water supply
  • Performing and directing fieldwork and laboratory testing
  • Interpreting work assignment instructions, applying appropriate procedures and selecting equipment
  • Collecting and analysing data and carrying out computations
  • Estimating material costs and ensuring finished works are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions
  • Inspecting civil engineering works, and organising and supervising maintenance and repair work
  • Conducting field and laboratory tests of construction materials and soils
  • Collecting data for traffic surveys

To become a civil engineering draftsperson usually requires the completion of a Certificate III in Structural and Civil Engineering or a higher qualification (Bachelor degree) in Civil Engineering. 

Civil engineering draftsperson job opportunities may be in engineering firms or for construction projects overseeing the maintenance of civil engineering works and facilities.