Civil Engineering Technician

Civil engineering technicians conduct tests of construction materials and prepare sketches and tabulations. In addition, they assist in estimating costs in support of civil engineering professionals and engineering technologists.

Personal requirements of a civil engineering technician may include:

  • An interest in technical activities
  • Interest in structural design
  • Ablility to work as part of a team
  • Willing to accept responsibility and supervise other people
  • Able to perform highly accurate work

Civil engineering technicians may complete the following tasks:

  • Preparing sketches, charts, tabulations, plans and designs for civil engineering works
  • Collecting and analysing data, and carrying out computations
  • Performing and directing fieldwork and laboratory testing
  • Inspecting, organising and supervising maintenance and repair work
  • Interpreting work assignment instructions, applying appropriate procedures and selecting equipment
  • Estimating material costs and ensuring finished works are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions
  • Conducting field and laboratory tests of construction materials and soils

The career pathway in this occupation usually starts with a Certificate IV or higher qualification. Jobs in this group also usually require completion of a recognised Bachelor degree. However, requirements may vary. Contact a career advisor or education insititution for further information.

Civil engineering technicians may be employed in the Coal Seam Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas industry, building and construction companies as well as in federal, state or territory government departments.