Completion Engineer

Completion engineers design and implement completion techniques to help maximise oil and gas production. A completion engineer provides engineering, design, planning and operational support to Coal Seam Gas completions, provides operational and safety leadership and manages assigned service contracts.

Personal requirements of a completion engineer may include:

  • Modelling completion performance
  • Optimising completion and work, over designs and operations
  • Determining primary and remedial cementing procedures along with the design and installation of tubular, packers, subsurface control and surveillance equipment.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate equipment to achieve completion objectives
  • Preparing cost estimates and risk in terms of probability and potential remedies
  • Optimisation of┬áplanning and implementation of the completion of CSG wells
  • Bringing forward new technology to improve productivity and value

To become a completion engineer requires at least a Bachelor degree in engineering. Some positions may also require post-graduate study as well as up to five years experience in the engineering industry. Mayor employers are the energy, mining and construction industries.