Drilling Manager

Drilling Managers (Rig Manager) manage and provide supervision to the Project Engineers and Completion & Well Test Engineer.

Personal requirements of a Drilling Manager may include:

  • Good communications skills
  • Good maths and science
  • Attention to detail
  • Project and team management experience

Drilling Managers may complete the following tasks:

  • Provide engineering guidance and mentoring to other less experienced team members
  • Support and ensure consistent use and application of drilling tools, programs, processes and standards as well as engineering designs and cost estimates across the engineering team assigned to various projects
  • Work with the In-Country Operations Manager, Project Engineer, Completion & Well Test Engineer, and service partners to develop plans of actions (POA) and lead in POA discussions if required
  • Perform general calculations to support operations: update kill sheet, prepare casing and tubing tallies as required, maintain up to date maximum allowable overpull sheet, perform cement job volume & displacement calculations, perform FIT or LOT calculations, be present at cement unit for critical pumping activities, ensure adequate fishing inventory is available at the rig site, monitor and ensure minimum drilling fluid volumes, prepare detailed relief notes at the end of every hitch
  • Interact with other Project Engineers and Completion Well Test Engineer to complete Risk Assessments
  • Communicate Risk Assessment to the operations team, Service Partners, Drilling Contractor and others to develop contingency plans for ongoing operations
  • Work with Operations Managers, Project Engineers, Completion & Well Test Engineer and service partners to prepare the End of Well Report

Entry requirements may vary but most employers require Year 10 and some may prefer Year 12. A relevant number of years job specific experience is also required.