Gas Operations Supervisor

Gas Operations Supervisors interface with exploration and production teams, both in the office and on site at gas drilling rigs / oil and gas wellsites.

Personal requirements of a Gas Operations Supervisor may include:

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Good maths and science
  • Attention to detail
  • Project management experience
  • Possess leadership qualities

Gas Operations Supervisors may complete the following tasks:

  • Lead implementation and execution of all drilling operations conducting operations in accordance with company policy, operating agreements, and all applicable governmental regulations
  • Establish clear safety and environmental performance expectations with external and internal personnel
  • Ensure lessons learned and best practices are captured and implemented across all drilling rigs
  • Recognise and focus on opportunities that create the best value
  • Conduct drilling operations in an efficient manner
  • Recognize and engage internal and external technical support to resolve operational challenges
  • Establish and ensure meaningful working relationships with contractors, regulatory personnel, & landowners
  • Establish clear expectations for performance and development of personnel ( Field Superintendents / Drilling Supervisors / Wellsite Leaders).
  • Give timely, specific, and meaningful feedback.
  • Recognise traits required to achieve long range goals and objectives and make personnel decisions accordingly
  • Interface regularly with Completions and Operations personnel to ensure effective planning of all activities¬†
  • Interface with Land / Regulatory, Operations, and Subsurface as part of the rig schedule process

A relevant number of years drilling rig experience is required to fulfil this job role.