Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer plans, organises, supervises and manages operations of industries to ensure the economical, safe, and effective use of energy, material, and people.

Personal requirements of an industrial engineer may include:

  • Enjoy technical work
  • Well developed oral and written communication skills
  • Creativity and being practical
  • Good at technical activities
  • Being able to work without supervision
  • Willing to take responsibility

Industrial engineers may complete the following tasks:

  • Assess the techniques and equipment used in production processes to see if they can operate more efficiently
  • Plan and design systems that increase productivity by improving the integration of people, materials, equipment and finance
  • Choose and develop more efficient and safe manufacturing processes using new, existing or modified machinery and equipment
  • Introduce or recommend changes to work methods, safety measures and labour organisation
  • Work out the time taken to perform a task or to complete a particular production stage and set performance standards
  • Maximise comfort in the workplace by analysing and recommending changes to improve light, alter bench space or machine height and to reduce noise

The completion of a Bachelor degree in engineering, with a major in industrial, manufacturing, mechanical or production engineering is usually an entry requirement for employment in this occupation. However, universities can have different prerequisites and some have flexible requirements. They may also offer distance education. Contacting the universities for more information is recommended as requirements may change. In addition, some jobs may also require post-graduate studies such as graduate certificate, graduate diploma or Master degree.

The career pathway as an industrial engineer offers specialisations in methods engineering or safety engineering.

Employment as an industrial engineer is in the private sector and industrial engineers are mainly employed by refrigerator, household appliance, or motor vehicle industries as well as in the wholesale and retail trade.

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