Senior Driller

Senior Drillers /Senior Toolpushers move, set up and operate drilling rigs and related equipment to drill holes for mineral exploration and oil and gas production.

Personal requirements of a Senior Driller may include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Technically minded

Senior Drillers may complete the following tasks:

  • Move rigs onto site and set them up
  • Position drills and set angles and depths
  • Start and stop drills and coordinate utility workers on site;
  • Check equipment and progress throughout operation;
  • Operate secondary equipment, such as pumps (air and mud) and equipment used to prevent and correct problems;
  • Record performance details and take drill core samples;
  • Carry out minor maintenance and repairs; and
  • Dismantle and move rig to next site.

This position requires a relevant number of years on –the-job experience with strong knowledge in the equipment used, the methods deployed, rock and earth densities, and be able to guide workers.