Utilities/Gas Operator

Utilities/Gas Operators work at physically demanding tasks both indoors and outdoors. Operators generally work a 40 hour work week but overtime may be required to deal with emergencies or to meet construction deadlines.

Personal requirements of a Utilities/Gas Operator may include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Mechanical ability
  • Manual dexterity
  • Good maths and science

Utilities/Gas Operators may complete the following tasks:

  • interpret prints and specifications to determine the location, size and materials required to install gas mains
  • install and maintain cathodic protection to prevent corrosion in steel and aluminum pipes
  • locate underground gas systems and conduct routine surveys of gas mains and distribution lines to detect and locate escaping gas
  • carry out routine gas system maintenance functions
  • operate and maintain regulating, measuring and odourizing facilities
  • provide information about underground gas distribution lines and observe excavation work to ensure that underground gas facilities are protected
  • investigate reports of gas leaks to determine the exact location and extent of leaks
  • use equipment to expose gas lines and repair damaged pipes
  • use laptop computers to keep records of work performed and the location and condition of pipelines

This position requires the completion of a traineeship or apprenticeship.