Overhead Line Worker

Overhead Line Workers construct and maintain high voltage transmission lines and overhead rail-traction wiring and associated equipment. As an apprentice you get to work outdoors with a variety of interesting track machines and lifting equipment. You’ll need to work at heights and in all kinds of weather. The work is physically demanding yet rewarding.

Personal requirements of an Overhead Line Workers may include:

  • Good maths and science (including physics)
  • Problem solving
  • Logical thinking
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Must be good with heights

Overhead Line Workers may complete the following tasks:

  • Performs inspections and repairs of all overhead contact wires, poles, support, distribution communication and signal cables, insulators and switch gears
  • Performs inspections and repairs of lighting and other electrical systems
  • Operates boom and tower trucks and other equipment and tools
  • Operates welding equipment
  • Keeps tools and equipment clean and in good condition
  • Keeps records of work performed
  • May provide lead supervision and assist in training other workers
  • Prepares written reports, documents defects and repairs on inspection forms, work orders, or designated computer programs 
  • Operates computer for related data input and retrieval
  • Performs related work as required

This job requires a traineeship or apprenticeship to enter the field.