Electrical and Electronics Technical Officer

Electrical and Electronics Technical Officers are engineer officers, working under the Chief Engineer, who whilst having the same qualifications as the engineers have followed a slightly different course of training to give them a greater knowledge of many and varied electrical and electronic systems.

They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electrical and electronic equipment, installations and machinery and provide technical electrical/electronic expertise as well as support and plan, design, adapt and fabricate specialised equipment and instrumentation.

Personal requirements of an Electrical and Electronics Technical Officer may include:

  • Ability to problem solve
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Good maths and science
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to adopt new concepts and perform complex work
  • Be methodical when analysing technical problems and repairing faults in equipment

Electrical and Electronics Technical Officers may complete the following tasks:

  • Testing to Australian and international EMC/RF standards using sophisticated instruments and facilities¬†
  • Testing New and imported products for compliance with Australian and international regulations
  • Work with engineers (customers) to test their new designs so that EMC compliance is achieved on final manufacture
  • Maintain all electronic, computer, audio/visual and communications equipment and ensures its efficient operation

This job requires a relevant Engineering (Electronics) qualification plus on-the-job experience.