Technical Cable Jointer (Powerline, Overhead & Underground)

Technical cable jointers join insulated electric power cables installed in underground conduits and trenches, and prepares cable terminations for connection to electrical equipment and overhead lines.

Personal requirements of a technical cable jointer may include:

  • Enjoyment from practical work
  • Normal eyesight, colour vision and physical fitness
  • Good hand-eye coordination¬†
  • Ability to work at heights
  • Well developed communication skills

Technical cable jointers may complete the following tasks:

  • Installing conductors and aerial equipment, and underground cables and equipment
  • Installing and maintaining equipment associated with electrical supply such as transformers
  • Attending to electrical breakdown and emergencies
  • Conducting low-voltage switching operations
  • Fitting pole hardware and crossarms
  • Preparing low- and high-voltage cable joints and cable terminations while connecting and installing electrical equipment and overhead lines
  • Using heavy plant equipment such as elevated work platforms and portable equipment such as hydraulic drills

A career in this occupation usually requires part-time study at Certificate III level with on-the-job training offered as an apprenticeship.

Most cable jointers work for electricity corporations or private subcontractors on underground electricity distribution and service cables. The work may be carried out in cities, suburbs, large industrial centres and country towns. Cable jointers may be responsible for work in a particular area or district.