Gasfitters install, commission, maintain, test, repair and service gas systems in any building.

Personal requirements of a gasfitter may include: 

  • Able to work with your hands
  • Work indoors and outdoors
  • Being physically resilient
  • Good communication skills as you will work closely with other trades and customers

Gasfitters may complete the following tasks:

  • Prepareing and studying drawings and specifications
  • Finding and making positions for connections, then cuting holes through walls and floors to accommodate pipes.
  • Measuring pipes and marking, cutting or bending lines
  • Installing plumping fixtures
  • Maintainance and repair of plumbing systems

To become a gasfitter, an apprenticeship in gasfitting at a Registered Training Organisation at Certificate III level will be required.

A career as a gasfitter could include working for a small or large company as a leading hand or in a management position, within the power plant generation, Coal Seam Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas industries. However, further education from Certificate IV to bachelor level may also be completed.