Technical Officer

Technical Officers are responsible for all duties associated with and related to the safe, efficient and cost effective installation and maintenance of natural gas facilities. Directly responsible for maintaining and ensuring the reliable operation of the LNG plant that provides gas supply and service 365 days a year through the liquefaction and vaporisation of natural gas.

Personal requirements of a Technical Officer may include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Technically minded
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good computer skills

Technical Officers may complete the following tasks:

  • Analyse, troubleshoot, and repair plant equipment
  • Perform select preventive maintenance and calibration of control instrumentation to ensure the proper operation of the process equipment
  • Properly document all work ensuring complete compliance with governmental and Company regulations
  • Conduct safe, efficient and expeditious completion of large maintenance projects with minimal direct supervision
  • Provide security service for the facilities including facility access control and monitoring, security patrols, security alarm assessment and reporting
  • Carry out general maintenance for grounds and plant facilities
  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge and understanding of plant procedures, processes and equipment to ensure efficient plant operations
  • Perform select maintenance duties, select operational duties and any other task assigned by plant supervision to keep the plant operational
  • Perform select preventive maintenance procedures on plant equipment and control systems ensuring safe, reliable and efficient equipment operation
  • Troubleshoot and repair plant equipment and system malfunctions when breakdowns occur to bring equipment back into operational status
  • Keep maintenance supervisor informed on status of equipment repairs. Informs supervisor of any observed conditions that could be detrimental to the equipment and/or the plant’s ability to function properly
  • Prepare written reports and accurately fills out paperwork documenting maintenance history and parts used on all equipment serviced to comply with all governmental regulations as well as company and plant policies
  • Stay informed on new technical improvements and updates by reading service bulletins, craft magazines, etc. and makes recommendations to supervision on ways to improve or maximise equipment efficiency

This position requires completion of a certificate in Electrotechnology or equivalent qualification plus relevant on –the-job experience.