Maintenance Support Officer

Maintenance Support Officers are responsible for the provision of process and system support services to distribution employees and their customers and assist with the management and support of continuous improvement initiatives.

Personal requirements of a power generation maintenance support officer may include:

  • Ability to follow procedures and commitment to safe work practices
  • Good at mechanical and/or electrical activities
  • Able to accept responsibility and make decisions
  • Logical and thorough approach to work

Maintenance Support Officer key responsibilities include:

  • Attending daily maintenance and planning meetings for maintaining and distributing minutes of meetings
  • Maintaining high risk registers
  • Organising and attending monthly safety meetings 
  • Recording maintenance data to improve system efficiency 
  • Creating and closing work orders as and when required 
  • Making order for mechanical and electrical components 
  • Backfilling maintenance scheduler's role during leave periods.

Proven experience in a similar position with excellent administrative and typing skills maybe required.