Maintenance Technician (Electrical/Electronics)

Electrical Power Generation technicians install, maintain and test electrical power generation units, and typically work for servicing companies that maintain power supply. It's a specialised field and the job market for qualified technicians is strong due to supply shortages, climate disruptions and the increase in energy demands. Power generator systems ensure consistent power generation in response to unreliable electricity grids or when traditional hydroelectricity is unavailable.

Personal requirements of a power generation maintenance technician may include:

  • Ability to follow procedures and commitment to safe work practices
  • Good at mechanical and/or electrical activities
  • Able to accept responsibility and make decisions
  • Logical and thorough approach to work
  • Analytical
  • Problem solving
  • Good maths
  • Excellent communicator with a strong grasp of both written and spoken English and the ability to maintain accurate paperwork and documentation

Key responsibilities include:

  • Install, maintain and test electrical power generation units, standby power and prime power generation, in compliance with regulated standards.

This job usually requires the completion of a traineeship or apprenticeship in ESI (Electrical Supply Industry Generation). Entry requirements may vary but most employers require Year 10 and some may prefer Year 12. It is possible to cross over into this occupation from related occupations such as electrician and engineering tradesperson - mechanical. However, further part-time study usually at Certificate III level, and on-the-job training offered as an apprenticeship, is required.