Technical Officer - Maintenance (Electrical/Electronics)

Technical Officers install, repair and maintain electrical, electronic, and instrumentation systems. They also develop maintenance schedules, manage projects and implement safe working practices, environmental procedures, and manage, supervise and coordinate work activities for individual and teams.

Personal requirements of a power generation maintenance technical officer may include:

  • Ability to follow procedures and commitment to safe work practices
  • Good at mechanical and/or electrical activities
  • Able to accept responsibility and make decisions
  • Logical and thorough approach to work

Technical Officer key responsibilities include: 

  • Operate and Monitor Communications Systems
  • Maintain Quality Systems within the Team
  • Monitor and Implement Environmental Plans and Procedures
  • Manage Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Diagnose and Rectify Faults in Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Manage Operational Crisis to Maintain/Restore System Integrity
  • Tune Process Plant and Equipment
  • Test and Commission Electronic Instrumentation Equipment
  • Conduct Routine Generation Electrical Maintenance
  • Conduct Project Management
  • Manage Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Manage Quality Control Procedures
  • Diagnose and Repair Faults in Electronic/Electrical Systems

This job usually requires the completion of a traineeship or apprenticeship in ESI (Electrical Supply Industry Generation). Entry requirements may vary but most employers require Year 10 and some may prefer Year 12. It is possible to cross over into this occupation from related occupations such as electrician and engineering tradesperson - mechanical. However, further part-time study usually at Certificate III level, and on-the-job training offered as an apprenticeship, is required.