Mechatronic Engineer

Mechatronic engineers design and maintain machinery with electronic and computer control systems including power generators, mining and chemical plant machinery, aircraft, robots, motor vehicles or cameras.

Personal requirements of a mechatronic engineer may include:

  • Enjoy technical and engineering activities
  • Well developed communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Creativity and problem solving skills
  • Interested in mechanical equipment, physics and mathematics

Mechatronic engineers may complete the following tasks:

  • Design, develop, maintain and manage high-technology engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks
  • Apply advanced electronic control systems (mainly computer-driven)
  • Carry out studies into the feasibility, cost implications and performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.
  • Apply mechatronic or automated solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods

This occupation usually requires completion of a recognised Bachelor Degree in engineering with a major in mechatronics. Some jobs also require post-graduate study, such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree. Universities have different prerequisites and some have flexible entry requirements. Courses are also offered by distance education. For more information contact the universities you are interested in.

Once you have a Bachelor Degree, career opportunities are available in firms where it is necessary to design and maintain automatic equipment including a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, mining, aviation, and transport. This occupation may also lead to management positions, including project management.