Pressure Welder

Pressure welders join metal parts together with a welding or soldering tool and help to build and repair everything from automobiles to auto parts to large machines. 

Personal requirements of a pressure welder may include:

  • Ability to follow blueprints and directions related to the work
  • Able to determine angles and framework of the metal they are welding together
  • Highly analytical, able to read instructions and execute them
  • Strong problem solving skills, strength and endurance¬†

Pressure welders may complete the following tasks:

  • Clean and prepare metal surfaces by gouging, bevelling, grinding or filing
  • Cutt metal shapes by using thermal cutting equipment
  • Align surfaces to be joined and secured by track-welding or jigging
  • Select welding techniques appropriate to type and thickness of metal
  • Connect electrode holders to power sources and adjust controls on electrode holders or welding equipment to regulate currents
  • Form arcs which generate heat to melt metal from electrodes, and deposit metal on workpieces to refuse joints
  • Guide electrodes along weld lines
  • Cut metal shapes using thermal cutting equipment
  • Weld mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper

The successful completion of an apprenticeship in Engineering- Fabrication at Certificate III level is necessary for this occupation. Employment opportunities are in the gas industry, mining industries, electricity and gas supply authorities.