Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (inc. general & special class)

An electrical equipment trade worker maintains, repairs and adjusts electronic equipment for commercial and office machineries. They may repair machinery such as fax machines, computers, cash registers, photocopiers, video cameras, televisions, radio equipment and accessories.

Personal requirements of an electrical equipment trade worker may include:

  • Enjoy mathematical and technical activities
  • Diagnostic ability
  • Aptitude for machines and electronics
  • Able to perform highly analytical tasks
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work at heights and confined spaces
  • Awareness of occupational health and safety regulations
  • Able to work without supervision and as part of a team

Electrical equipment trade workers may complete the following tasks:

  • Examining and testing machines, equipment, instruments and control systems to diagnose faults
  • Adjusting, repairing, and replacing worn and defective parts and wiring, and maintaining machines, equipment and instruments
  • Reassembling, test operating and adjusting equipment
  • Advise users of correct operating procedures to prevent malfunctions
  • Install, service and repair communication equipment such as transceivers in ships, aircraft and vehicles  
  • Receiving messages by interpreting code and converting to plain language, and writing and typing messages for transmission
  • Installing electronic instruments and control systems

Once you have successfully completed an apprenticeship with on and off the job training you will receive a Certificate III in Electronics and Communication. In addition, electrical equipment trade workers have the opportunity to specialise as a computer technician, radio technician or security and fire alarm systems technician. You may also have the chance to undertake further education by completing a course from Certificate IV to Bachelor level and potentially move into areas such as design and modification of components and equipment.

This occupation offers job opportunities in the energy, telecommunication, IT and manufacturing industries.