Electronics Engineer

An electronics engineer designs, develops, tests and maintains electronic parts and systems used in communications, computers, navigation, industry and entertainment.

Personal requirements of an electronics engineer may include:

  • Well developed leadership skills
  • Aptitude for technical activities
  • Being able to identify, analyse, and solve problems
  • Well developed oral and written communication skills
  • Enjoy computing and technical design
  • Being practical and creative
  • Able to work independently and willing to take responsibility

Electronics engineers may complete the following tasks:

  • Design circuits for electronic control systems and instrumentation
  • Program and operate computers to assist with complex calculations
  • Prepare and supervise designs, specifications and estimates
  • Work out the type and arrangement of circuit parts and develop testing equipment and methods
  • Work out the type of installation, location, layout and transmission medium by assessing communication traffic and levels of service at installations
  • Research new applications of technology
  • Talk to clients, other engineers, technical officers, technicians, tradespeople and other workers.

To start a career in this job usually requires the completion of a recognised Bachelor degree in electronic engineering at university. Various universities have different prerequisites and some have flexible entry requirements. Courses may also be offered by distance education. Some jobs may require postgraduate study, such as graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or Master degree. 

Further information can be obtained by contacting the universities as requirements may change.

Graduate electronics engineers work in industries such as communications or computers engineering. Moreover, the career pathway for electronics engineers offers employment opportunities with federal, state, and territory governments departments. Electronics engineers develop equipment for various industry purposes, such as radio and television stations or set themselves up in business as consultants. An electronics engineer may also be promoted to senior managerial positions.