General Electrician

General electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. They ensure all work is in accordance with the relevant codes.

Personal requirements of a general electrician may include:

  • Being able to read blueprints
  • Work from ladders, scaffolds and roofs
  • Being able to perform physically demanding tasks
  • Being able to perform mathematical equations to a fairly high standard (usually an A in mathematics is a minimum)
  • Need to work neatly (it is usually expected that wiring circuits will not be visible)

General electricians may complete the following tasks:

  • Assemble, install, test and maintain electrical or electronic wiring equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures using hand tools or power tools
  • Diagnose malfunctioning systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects and the need for repairs or adjustments
  • Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures depending on job specification and local codes

This occupation usually requires an apprenticeship in electro-technology at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) at Certificate III level.

After the completion of an appropriate business course and/or examination, electricians can specialise as electrical contractors who order electrical materials, organise staff to meet customer needs or carry out other tasks associated with running a business.

The energy industry offers qualified traders various career options where traders can either work for a large or small company or can choose to go on with further education and complete courses from Certificate IV to Bachelor level.