Electrical Machine Repair Tradesperson

An Electrical Machine Repair Tradesperson maintains and repairs electrical machines within a variety of industrial and commercial contexts. They overhaul, repair and rewind motors, transformers and control gears. Electrical Machine Repair tradespersons also dismantle, assemble and fabricate electrotechnology components, solve problems in extra-low voltage single path circuits and multiple path DC circuits, fix and secure equipment, and solve problems in electromagnetic circuits and single and three phase low voltage circuits.


Personal requirements of Electrical Machine Repair Tradesperson may include:

  • Ability to problem solve
  • Good communications skills
  • Good maths and science
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work alone and within a team
  • Ability to take instructions from both management and other team members

Electrical Machine Repair Tradespersons may complete the following tasks:

  • Dismantle, assemble and fabricate electrotechnolgy components
  • Wind coils
  • Place and connect coils
  • Rewind single phase induction machines
  • Rewind three phase induction machines rated for low voltage
  • Conduct electrical tests on low voltage electrical machines
  • Disconnect and reconnect fixed wired electrical equipment connected to a low voltage supply
  • Conduct mechanical tests of electrical machines

This job requires an qualification (e.g. Certificate Electrical Machine Repair) through a traineeship or apprenticeship.