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The Electro Group of companies is comprised of two organisations - EGA and EGT.  Electro Group Apprentices (known as EGA) is an electrical apprentice group training organisation, while Electro Group Training (known as EGT) is a Registered Training Organisation which provides trade institute training for electrical apprentices and post-trade electrical training for licensed electricians.  

Both EGA and EGT are "not-for-profit" industry owned companies.  

Electro Group is the only group training organisation and the only training college in Queensland that specialises in electrical training for the benefit of the electrotechnology industry.

Electro Group’s prime objective is to provide safe, competent and highly skilled electrical apprentices for the industry.

The Electro Group Board of Directors are industry specialists and assist in the strategic planning and direction of both EGA and EGT.

Electro Group also works closely with our other industry partners, Energy Skills Queensland and the Electrical Safety Office (Queensland Government).

Electro Group Apprentices’ business is:  

  • recruiting ,
  • employing and;
  • ‘on the job’ training  electrical apprentices for careers in the electrotechnology sector.

Electro Group Training is a nationally registered, industry-owned electrical training institute.

  • Specialising in training electrical apprentices for the “off the job” - "college" component of their apprenticeship. 
  • Also provide post-trade training for licensed electricians. 
  • EGT exists to provide training for the electrical industry only.  

For more information on an electrical apprenticeship, apprentice training or getting advice about the electrical industry - call Electro Group’s office on free call 1300 EGROUP(1300 347 687) where their helpful staff will be happy to assist with your apprentice and training needs.