ApprenticeConnect Australia Advisors (ACAA)

Your Connection to Free Electrical Apprenticeship Information                                                                                                          

Now is an exciting time to start a career within the energy industry. Electrical tradespersons in particular are in very high demand and growing skill shortages in the field nation-wide is creating a need for more qualified electricians. This could be your opportunity to gain a fulfilling and lucrative career in electrotechnology through an electrical apprenticeship. A career in electrotechnology could give you the chance to work in a variety of business sectors including Energy, Gas and Telecommunications.

The ApprenticeConnect Australia Advisors (ACAA) project has been developed by Master Electricians Australia, in partnership with Energy Skills Queensland to offer prospective apprentices a direct avenue to obtaining information from industry experts. ACAA has experienced and dedicated Apprenticeship Advisors on hand to help explain what it is like to be in an electrical trade and provide information on opportunities in related energy trade and technical roles. A hotline has been set up to take apprenticeship queries by phone, and a blog site has been created as a forum for online questions.

Other resources and information is available to job seekers on the Careers In Energy Facebook page and the Careers In Energy website. An online aptitude test for Australian Apprenticeship candidates can also be accessed via the Careers In Energy website homepage and will assist us in assessing your suitability for an electrical apprenticeship.

The ApprenticeConnect Australia Advisors Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education through the Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Package.

Master Electricians Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation peak electrical body that provides an accreditation program to electrical contractors seeking to differentiate themselves from other contractors. Master Electricians Australia represents the best of the electrical trade across the country.

Call the ACAA Hotline on 1300 218 800 or email us at to get in touch with an Advisor near you.