Interview Help

A successful job application is usually followed by an interview. Before going to an interview the candidate should try to find out as much as possible about what the employer is looking for. The candidate should carefully read the position description in order to assess possible competencies involved in the job. A good start is to visit the company’s website.

Most Australian employers use behavioural interviewing to screen candidates for employment. Behavioural interviewing requires the candidate to be able to answer questions on how they would respond to possible workplace situations based on their real life experiences. Other behaviour competency questions can address leadership skills, analytical skills, ability to work well under pressure, or high level of motivation.

Interview for school leavers (Career resources)

School leavers going to a job interview should always ensure they make a good first impression.  Before going to the interview, check clothing to make sure there are no stains, missing buttons or dirty shoes. Candidates should dress up, and not down, for interviews.

For women - Do not wear open toed shoes, short skirts or cleavage-exposing blouses.
For men - Do not wear shorts, runners or tee shirts.

Candidates should visit the potential employer’s website to gather information about the workplace. School leavers should try to identify their skills acquired in part time jobs or from playing sport and school activities. Typical questions school leavers might face in an interview include ‘tell us about yourself’ or ‘explain why you want to work here’.  These questions should be practised with friends or parents and feedback should consider body language, eye contact, and length and quality of the answer. It is important to answer personal questions in a friendly manner with traits that will appeal to the employer, while also pointing out skills that suit the job.

Always allow plenty of time to arrive for the interview, taking into account travel time and finding the employer's location, especially if it is the first time. Aim to be about ten minutes early, but also keep in mind that being too early can be as impolite as being late. Mobile phones should be switched off and should stay switched off until the candidate leaves the company. Never eat, drink or smoke during interviews.

Medical and Health Checks

Requiring a pre-medical health care assessment occurs especially in those occupations where employees work in safety critical areas.  Potential employees might face a pre-employment medical assessment as part of the selection process. These tests are an important component of the selection process for jobs that require certain physical or mental health attributes. Pre-medical assessments are used to ensure that the individual is fit to carry out the tasks of the job and do not have underlying medical conditions that might place them or others at an increased risk of harm.