Women in Energy

Increasingly, employers are realising that they cannot afford to lose out on women's talent. Women are an important and indispensable resource pool particularly in the energy and telecommunications industries where thousands of new jobs are to be created.

The energy and telecommunication industries offer many job opportunities for women to participate and become successful, particularly in the trades, para-professional and engineering professions.

A career in the energy and telecommunication industries can involve travelling to remote locations, to fly-in and fly-out to sites, or even overseas. It can give you the opportunity to acquire valuable, transferable and internationally recognised skills, increasing your options to work in various types of industries.

If you’re keen to learn more about these and other careers in engineering, as well as education, training and pathways into these careers, the following websites are a great starting point:

The Career Options page also contains links to many other useful websites to help you find out more about education, training and career options in the energy and telecommunications industries.